Children's Division


CBC’s carefully designed Children’s Division curriculum focuses on the development of strong classical ballet technique including strength,flexibility and artistry. Students entering this division have completed our Young Dancer curriculum or have participated in a placement evaluation class. Through stretching, barre exercises and floor techniques students will further develop the foundation for Pre-Professional ballet Training. All classes within the Children’s Division are divided into levels that are represented by a specific color leotard. All students are placed by age, strength and artistic development. Students are encouraged to study Jazz & Modern Dance.


Jazz and Contemporary dance genres are offered at CBC to allow students to expand their technique repertoire. Cleveland Ballet Conservatory’s Jazz/Contemporary curriculum encourages students to explore organic movement, rhythm, control, Isolations and musicality while encouraging freedom of movement & expression. Dancers studying these styles will enhance overall strength, flexibility, quality of movement and versatility as a whole dancer.


Creative movement combines a mastery of movement with the artistry of expression. Dance is natural and young children respond well to music and movement, but without knowledge one’s movement responses cannot develop and grow. Therefore, in creative movement we focus on specific movement concepts such as the use of the body, space around us, time (fast and slow  movement), energy, and relationships between people and things.


CBC's Tap Classes are the perfect pairing for ballet! Although, they are on opposite sides of the dance spectrum (rotated versus parallel) they help with student musicality in all techniques. Basic tap technique, rhythmic movement patterns and musical awareness are the focus of this class.


(5-6 year olds)


(6-7 year olds)


(6-8 year olds)


(7-9 year olds)


(10-12 year olds)


(9-11 year olds)

Open Classes

Our newly established Open Division is designed for students of all ages and abilities that wish to experience and develop their dance technique at a recreational level. This allows the student to pick and choose a class without a multiple day commitment. CBC's Open Division is a non-performing division of the conservatory. Ongoing classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop & Modern Dance are offered within this level.