Pre-Professional Division


CBC's Pre-Professional curriculum focuses on continuing to build strong technique & artistry with incorporating of kinesthetic awareness. Students in this division are required to be enrolled in the entire Pre-Professional program. All classes within this division are divided into three levels that are represented by a specific color leotard. In addition to class schedule students may audition to participate in CBC's Studio and Pre-Professional Youth Ballet Companies.


Jazz and Contemporary dance genres are offered at CBC to allow students to expand their technique repertoire. Cleveland Ballet Conservatory’s Jazz/Contemporary curriculum encourages students to explore organic movement, rhythm, control, Isolations and musicality while encouraging freedom of movement & expression. Dancers studying these styles will enhance overall strength, flexibility, quality of movement and versatility as a whole dancer.


Advanced students study creative movement and advanced leveldance technique focusing on the four basic movement concepts; body, space, time, and efforts along with Evans technique. Students also experience Bartenieff fundamentals and Laban principles during each class. While focusing on modern techniques and exercises, dance class also emphasizes creative thinking, decision making, and social skills.

Pre-Professional A

Pre-Professional B

Pre-Professional C